Super Seminars: 26 Dynamic Sessions for Children's Workers

Available sessions:

All sessions are 50 minutes long and can be taught as a stand alone or part of a multi-session training. 


Why Evangelize Children?

Helping Children Understand the Message of Salvation

Counseling the Unsaved Child for Salvation

Ministering to Children through the Local Church

Child Study

Understanding Children

Age-group Characteristics

Taking the Little Kids Challenge

Teaching God's Word

A Look at the Teacher

Preparing Your Heart to Teach

Bible Lesson Preparation and Presentation

Bible Lesson Preparation and Presentation

The Salvation Invitation

Class Hour

Bible Verses—More than Memorizing

Singing—Music with a Message

Missions—Bringing the World to Your Class

Enhancing Learning in a Fun Way

Dynamics of Discipline

Using Visual Aids Effectively


Teaching New Christians

Growing through God’s Word

Learning to Pray

Consecration—My Life Set Apart for God

Victory through Christ

Training Children to Share Their Faith

How God Guides Children

Teaching Doctrine to Children

To organize your training today let us know and well be happy to help!

Child Evangelism Fellowship of PA, Inc. Delaware County Chapter

153 N. Eagle Road, Havertown, PA 19083


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